QUAT KEEPER® Foodservice Towels are the industry’s first Antimicrobial and Non-Quat-Depleting Towel for Foodservice treated with BIOSAFE® antimicrobial technology. What’s the dirtiest item in a kitchen?  According to NSF International, it’s the very same item that we use to clean the surfaces touching our food!

National Wiper Alliance has integrated the food-contact approved BIOSAFE® antimicrobial technology into its towels.  This treatment prevents microbes from growing on the towel and keeps the towel fresher, longer.  Lab tests show this dramatic improvement between the BIOSAFE® towel and a standard towel.

Product is offered in a variety of color options and as branded (as shown) or offered as a private label product. Customized printing is also available.


  • BIOSAFE, antimicrobial is EPA-registered and approved for food-contact use
  • 99.9% reduction of staining and odor-causing mold and bacteria
  • Does not deplete quat from the sanitizing solution


  • Towels stay 99.9% cleaner during use
  • Boost cleaning efficiency
  • Create a cleaner and fresher environment
  • Improve customers’ and workers’ satisfaction
  • Save time and money from frequent adjusting or changing quat solution
  • Prolonged service life, reduce waste

Product Characteristics

Absorbent, Cloth-like Feel, Color-coded Towel System To Avoid Cross Contamination, Convenient, Ideal for Cleaning or Wiping Applications, Multipurpose

Recommended Product Industries

Food Service & Hospitality, Janitorial & Sanitation, Medical & Healthcare