NWA Introduces the Infinity® Refillable Wiping System™

October 1, 2020 – NWA introduces the Infinity® Refillable Wiping System™, a dispensing system product for cleaning hard surfaces and compatible with most disinfectant and cleaning solutions. This product is available branded or private labeled to meet your requirements. To learn more, visit NWA’s product page or contact the Sales team – sales@nationalwiper.com.

NWA Releases QUAT KEEPER® Foodservice Product Line

  March 20, 2020 – Quat Keeper® Foodservice Towels are the industry’s first Antimicrobial and Non-Quat-Depleting Towel for Foodservice treated with BIOSAFE® antimicrobial technology. What’s the dirtiest item in a kitchen?  According to NSF International, it’s the very same item that we use to clean the surfaces touching our food! National Wiper Alliance has integrated…