Why Nonwoven Wipes Are the Best Janitorial Supply

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March 16, 2022 – This is nothing more versatile in the household, personal care, and institutional cleaning industry than wipes. There are many types of wipes that have been created throughout history, but the nonwoven ones are the best janitorial supply for cleaning. Here are some reasons why.

Types of Wipes

At some point, we have all reached into a bag, purse, or cabinet to grab a cleaning wipe. Wipes come in all shapes and sizes and are extremely useful. Wipes can be paper, tissue, or nonwoven. No matter the material, they are subjected to light rubbing or friction, in order to remove dirt or liquid from the surface.

The Rise in Nonwoven Wipes

According to a recent study by Packaged Facts, U.S. sales of household cleaner cloths and wipes jumped from $284.4 million (retail) to $435.9 million. Nearly every household cleaning and personal care product segment have, over the years, added a nonwoven option. Nonwoven wipes have recently gained popularity because of their excellent absorption and softness. The product is available as a dry wipe as well as a wet wipe where the fabric is saturated with a solution.

Benefits of Nonwoven Wipes

Nonwoven wipes are the best choice as a janitorial supply for many reasons. They offer an economical choice, as the manufacturing process does not require laundering. Nonwoven wipes are consistent, high in performance, and are custom engineered for each application. They contain no residual oils, chemicals, or other contaminants that can leave streaks and smears. Lastly, nonwoven wipes are a great janitorial supply because they have no significant residues of heavy metals like lead, zinc, or nickel.

Nonwoven wipes are a great choice for your cleaning needs because they are hygienic, convenient, and affordable. For quality wiping products for your cleaning needs, contact us today.