The Best Ways to Keep Your Business Clean and COVID-Safe

sanitation towel

April 23, 2021 – The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a significant toll on businesses. Even so, a recent poll from SCORE and small business trends shows that the outlook remains positive. Just about one-third of businesses view the future ‘somewhat optimistically,’ and 22% say they feel ‘very optimistic’ about what’s to come in the near future.

Business owners can maximize their profits by taking extra precautions to keep businesses sanitary and clean as we continue to navigate the coronavirus pandemic. Here are the best pointers to protect your customers and staff from COVID-19:

Clean and Sanitize

A shocking 80% of germs that transmit disease and illnesses linger on our hands and are spread by high-touch surfaces. Keep your business safe from coronavirus, the flu, and more by thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing. Use a pre-saturated sanitizing wipe, or a dry wipe with a disinfectant solution to clean high-touch surfaces, including keyboards, phones, doorknobs, drawer handles, light switches, touch screens, and credit card machines.

Whenever possible, use touch-free mechanisms, like touch-free payment systems, to prevent an area or space from becoming a high-touch surface in the first place. For example, there are credit card readers and credit cards that allow customers to simply tap or wave their card over the machine instead of swiping it or inserting it into a microchip reader.

Enforce Social Distancing and Masks

Ask customers to wear masks and to wear them properly. Remind customers to secure their masks up over their chin, mouth, and nose. Enforce social distancing in your office or retail space with plastic barriers and decals on the floors near registers designating spaces six feet apart. Meet with employees individually or ask them to convene remotely over Zoom or over the phone.

Prioritize Your Workers

Prioritize your employees’ health and make it obvious to them. Consider:

  • Staggering shifts or allowing part-time or full-time remote work.
  • Enforce wearing masks among staff. Some workers may feel peer pressure to remove their masks or only wear them sometimes if you do not make this a hard rule. Enforce it across the board to keep all employees safe.
  • Depending on your setting, use technology to confirm appointments and obligations. If you are in a medical setting, spa, or salon setting, or you are teaching small seminars or classes, use email, text, or automated technology to appropriately stagger and confirm appointments.

The coronavirus continues to pose a threat. However, as the vaccine rolls out, more and more businesses have the opportunity to return to some level of normal. Keep it that way by taking proactive measures to keep your employees and customers safe.