The Benefits of Quality Wiping Products

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December 21, 2021 – In an office setting, there’s always a need for quality cleaning products and quality wiping products, particularly for the office’s janitorial supply. It’s estimated that between two and 10 million germs live in the average person’s elbows and fingertips. With so many germs, it’s essential to have items like antimicrobial towels and antibacterial wipes. Here’s why wipes are so beneficial.

Killing Bacteria

With these items in the office janitorial supply, your office should have no problem with killing almost all bacteria. These towels and wipes allow cleaning staff to clean effectively, helping to maintain a safe environment for employees. At a time when offices are bouncing back and forth between working in an office and working remotely, keeping a clean office has never been more important. The bottom line is, less bacteria on anything in an office helps employees feel comfortable.

Ease of Use

One of the best things about having these tools in an office janitorial supply is that they are incredibly easy to use. It’s easy to wipe down any surface, and wipes and towels are very easily transported. They come in a variety of sizes too, so you can get the ones you need for your office instead of having the cleaning staff fiddle with a random assortment of cleaning products.


Not only does it pay to keep an office sanitary, but it also pays to keep it as eco-friendly as possible. Many types of antibacterial wipes are biodegradable, even flushable. That means cleaning staff can use these wipes, as well as antimicrobial towels, without causing any harm to the environment and without creating unnecessary waste.


Another benefit of these wipes and towels is that they are very adaptable and can be used in a variety of environments. That means these same towels and wipes that are being used in an office setting can also be used in the medical field or at any other place of business. They can be used to clean up everything from small spills to wiping down equipment, all while creating a hygienic environment.

Armed with the right tools like towels, wipes, and other quality wiping products, an office janitorial staff can contribute to a healthy, safe workplace environment by keeping everything clean and hygienic.