Quick and Effective Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Clean

October 1, 2022 – 5 Ways to Clean Up Your Bathroom Routine

A clean bathroom in the workplace is essential to prohibiting the spread of germs and maintaining a safe environment. According to the AHCA, about 80% of disease-causing germs spread through people’s hands, many of which are initiated by touching the toilet handle, bathroom door, etc. To limit the spread of germs in the bathroom, we are sharing five easy ways to keep a clean bathroom and thereby limit the spread of germs in the workplace.

1. Organize Your Bathroom
Organizing all essential bathroom items creates an organized space where everything is accessible. This is important because when items, such as toilet paper, are easily accessible, people are able to limit the surfaces they touch to get to said item. By reducing the surfaces that people touch, germs are inherently less likely to spread. By ensuring everything is in the right place and condition, including the hand dryer, you have a clean atmosphere that also looks appealing.

2. Clean Your Bathroom
After organizing your bathroom, the next step is to clean it thoroughly and regularly. First, ask all users to keep the floor free of paper towels, cloths, or other trash. Second, use a food-safe cleaner to clean the sink, toilet and tub/shower (if applicable). For example, you can easily clean the sink by pairing an appropriate cleaning product with a lint-free towel.

4. Clean The Toilet
A clean toilet is of utmost importance as it is the primary source where germs live in the bathroom. After you’ve cleaned the toilet and maintain a routine cleaning schedule, you can keep it clean daily by following a few easy steps. By simply putting a few drops of vinegar in the water before flushing, you will eliminate any paper, lint, or other unwanted substances. Alternatively, you can add a bit of bleach which will break down the bacteria and sanitize the toilet.

5. Schedule Your Time Accordingly
Some people or workers may have limited time to clean and organize the bathroom. If that is the case, we suggest carving out an hour in the weekly or bi-weekly schedule to clean the space. By planning out a time to clean and keeping employees involved with upkeep, you can have a clean bathroom day in and day out. A little maintenance each day ensures that the routine cleaning process is seamless and quick.

These are four simple ways to quickly and efficiently clean up your bathroom routine. The key is to eliminate the frustration of a dirty environment and spend as little time as needed cleaning the space. If you or your business is in need of wipes for sanitation purposes, we encourage you to reach out to us. You can request a free sample to gauge which wipes are best for you and/or request a quote for the wipes you are contemplating purchasing. For more details on air dryers and bulk disinfecting wipes, give us a call today.