How to Keep Your Manufacturing Plant Clean and Sanitary

September 6, 2022 – Keeping a manufacturing plant clean is of utmost importance as it minimizes the risk of accidents and contamination. There are several things you can do to ensure that your manufacturing plant is clean and sanitary. For example, you can leave sanitary towels in common areas and near workstations to encourage employees to keep their hands clean. In this post, we share several ways to keep your plant sanitary.

Come up With a Plan for Plant Cleaning

Perhaps one of the first tasks you should do when it comes to planning for a clean workspace is to write and organize a list that includes all plant areas that need to be cleaned daily. As you write or type the list, you will likely notice that each area requires different levels of attention and cleaning practices. You can sort your list in order from tasks that require the most attention to tasks that can be tackled rather quickly. Once you have all the areas listed in your preferred order, we suggest making a note of what will be cleaned in each area and what cleaning supplies are needed. If it’s helpful to you, task each employee to clean a specific area. It’s important to ensure that all doors, handles, and the exterior of equipment and machines are cleaned on a regular basis. According to TCHC, between two to 10 million bacteria live on your elbows and fingertips, which is why you should clean all areas that employees frequent.

Limit Travel Between Workstations

Another way to ensure plant cleanliness is by mapping out the facility’s layout and providing employees with the shortest route to get from their workstation to the place they need to get to. This will enable everyone to shorten the distance between different steps in the manufacturing process. It will also reduce cross-traffic, which will minimize collisions and other accidents that happen when personnel cross paths. The less employees travel across the work floor, the less tools and machines are handled, and therefore, less clutter is present and the facility is inherently cleaner than it would be otherwise.

Educate Employees to Report Spills as Soon as Possible

While keeping a manufacturing plant clean requires time and dedication, the effort can be minimized when everyone pays attention and does their part. For instance, spills can be easily cleaned using DRC Wipes. These wipes are made from cellulose which promotes a stretchy fabric that is highly absorbent. Since DRC wipes are economically friendly, you and your team can feel good about using them!

If you want to get your facility in order and keep it clean, we invite you to reach out to us today. We will assist you in your purchasing decision so you receive products that meet your needs and expectations.