How to Choose the Best Sanitation Products For Your Business

sanitation wipes

March 19, 2021 – Keeping your hands clean is incredibly important, especially because approximately 80% of illness-causing germs are spread by your hands. Sanitation wipes are a great way to clean surfaces and your hands to prevent the spread of germs. In conjunction with paper towels, medical wipes, and non-woven wipes, sanitation wipes are an essential addition to any business’ sanitation and janitorial supplies. Keep reading to learn more about how these versatile products can be incorporated into the current sanitation regimen of your business.


From food service and hospitality to the automotive, aerospace, and medical industry, sanitation wipes can be used to keep your employees’ hands clean at all times. Additionally, paper towels and other cleaning cloths are specifically designed to work on certain surfaces without causing harm. For example, choose an all-natural fiber cloth for aerospace work, all-purpose cloth wipers for automotive, medical wipes for healthcare, and a refillable dry wipe roll for food service needs. Many of these wipes also work well in a variety of other industries and circumstances.

Private Labeling

Looking to customize your sanitation wipes, hand wipes, or paper towels with the name of your business? Attractive and effective packaging is often almost as important as the product itself. Custom packaging can provide business name recognition by making a good first impression on your clients. Additionally, you can decide what information is included on the packaging, such as your business’ logo, bar codes, and contact information. This may also help you to create better contacts, build client loyalty, and make your product stand out.

Quality Assurance

Providing the best products and services is essential for any business. If you are purchasing cleaning or janitorial supplies such as paper towels, sanitation wipes, or hand wipes, you want a guarantee that the product is effective while living up to your standards. When choosing sanitation products, be sure to use a supplier that focuses on quality assurance standards with a customer-focused approach. This way you can be sure you are receiving products of the highest quality.

Looking for janitorial supplies and sanitation products that are versatile, high quality, and effective? Want sanitation wipes, paper towels, and hand wipes that will keep your business and employees clean and germ-free? Then be sure to choose a supplier that focuses on product quality as well as customer service, to provide you with options for purchasing, distributing, labeling, and even product development. A clean, healthy business is just one of the benefits of upgrading your company’s sanitation solutions today.