How Do Medical Offices Stay Clean?

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June 17, 2021 – Everyone who walks into a medical office expects it to be clean and tidy. In a perfect world, it should also be as germ-free as possible. After all, everyone who comes into a medical office is either coming to get healthy or stay healthy. You must note that most of the individuals who visit medical offices are most likely sick. Therefore, it is important to ensure that germs are not being spread around. In this article, we look at how medical offices stay clean.

Areas of Focus

There are areas that you should focus on when cleaning a medical office. These include some obvious places like the waiting room, bathroom, and consultation rooms. These rooms must be cleaned and sanitized throughout the day. Apart from cleaning, it is also important to ensure that everyone who gets into the office cleans their hands with medical wipes to ensure they don’t carry bacteria on their hands. Research shows that the hands spread about 80% of all disease-causing germs.

Hidden Germs in a Medical Office

Patients and staff bring in a lot of germs when they come into a medical office. There are hidden places throughout the office that harbor these germs. Fortunately, professional cleaning crews and janitors know exactly where to look and clean to keep patients from getting sick. The following are some of the places you might want to consider:

  • Books, chairs, and tables
  • Armrests on chairs
  • Water fountains
  • Door handles
  • Pens and chart boards

Essentials of Medical Office Cleaning

You will want to make sure that windows, doors, countertops, and light switches are clean and germ-free. Germs tend to linger on these surfaces if you don’t remember to clean them. You must also remember to wipe down the areas that staff and patients come into contact with. This is the best defense mechanism when it comes to fighting against germs and illnesses.

Sanitizing Supplies and Scheduling

Apart from cleaning the medical office regularly, you will also want to ensure that hygiene and cleaning supplies are always available. Consider keeping the following items where they are easily accessible:

  • Sanitizers and hand cleaning gels
  • Medical wipes
  • Plenty of soap
  • Paper towels


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