Air Dryers Vs Paper Towels: Which Is Better?

November 1, 2022 – The COVID-19 pandemic taught us how imperative it is to wash our hands regularly. According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 2-10 million bacteria are at your fingertips at any given time. Washing and drying your hands is an easy way to keep the spread of infection low. Should you use paper towels or an air dryer to dry your hands? The answer may surprise you.

The Research

The pandemic prompted much hand-washing research; some results were shocking. Air dryers are stationed in plenty of public restrooms, but there is a misconception about air dryers. After several tests of air dryers, it turns out that paper toweling was the better hand-drying option to contain the spread of germs. A study at UCLA Berkley found that using paper towels can reduce the germ load by 77%. This makes paper towels the better option for restrooms in high-traffic areas.

Contain the Germs

Using an air dryer can spread germs to other people. The pressure from the air does not contain water droplets; it can spread water droplets up to six feet. Paper towels absorb the water droplets from freshly washed hands. Paper towels help to stop the spread of infectious diseases like the flu, colds, and more.

More Than One Person Can Dry Their Hands

An air dryer can only simultaneously dry one set of hands. Using paper towels can mean any number of people can dry their hands at once. Of course, an air dryer cannot perform other duties either. Paper towels can. They are great for quick clean-ups and more.

Upfront Costs and Maintenance

Upfront costs for an air dryer can be expensive, but that is not the only cost. Air dryers require maintenance and repairs. Additionally, air dryers can get very hot and be a burn risk if not used properly. Paper towels can be much more affordable. They offer more versatility in the workplace, and they are safer to use.

Many businesses are taking advantage of all the benefits paper towels offer. You can do the same. Learn more about non-woven dry wipes for your business. There is a better solution for hand drying out there. Call today to learn more.