NWA’s Rhino Wipe®Tote System a Finalist – WOW Innovation Award

On June 8, 2018, National Wiper Alliance’s patented product Rhino Wipe® Tote System honored to be named a finalist at the World of Wipes® International Conference held in Chicago, Illinois. The World of Wipes Innovation Award® recognizes the winning product that both expands the use of nonwovens and demonstrates creativity, novelty, uniqueness and technical sophistication. Presented annually by INDA, the companies nominated for the prestigious award were: Diamond Wipes International’s Hero Wipes™, National Wiper Alliance’s Rhino Wipe® Tote System, Solugen, Inc.’s Ode to Clean Wipes.

Rhino Wipe refill
Rhino Wipe Tote System

The Rhino Wipe® Tote System features a carry handle and built-in adjustable straps to attach the water repellent container to surfaces (such as the back of a car headrest) for easy dispensing of Rhino wipes.  The reusable wipes can be rinsed and reused multiple times and are binder, silicone and solvent free. The patented packaging system offers portability for on-the-go uses and convenience.

World of Wipes