6 Ways to Encourage Cleanliness in Your Business

February 21, 2023 –¬†From stocking up on janitorial supplies to setting up an organizational system, there are many ways you can encourage cleanliness in your business. Here are a few more tips to help keep your workplace clean.

1. Enforce Accountability for Clean Work Spaces

Make sure everyone takes responsibility for their workspace, and encourage employees to maintain neat and organized work areas, leaving no mess behind. For instance, consider implementing a policy where each employee must clean their desk and cubicle area at the end of every day.

2. Encourage Cleanliness With Incentives

Incentives are an effective way to motivate employees to help keep the workplace clean. Offer rewards for employees who consistently maintain a clean workspace. This could be anything from a day off to an extra bonus or gift card.

3. Post Helpful Cleaning Guides

Around one out of every five people don’t wash their hands, according to Tri-County Health Care, meaning that the chances of germs and bacteria spreading in the workplace are high. Post helpful guidelines for proper cleaning and hygiene, such as washing hands after using shared surfaces or wiping down communal areas regularly. Having helpful and informative reminders can help encourage employees to stay clean.

4. Set Up Recycling Bins

Encourage everyone to recycle waste and help reduce the amount of trash that ends up in landfills. Provide bins for paper, plastic, metal, glass, electronics, and other recyclable materials. Make sure to label each bin accordingly, so employees know where to throw away their recyclables.

5. Provide Adequate Supplies

Make sure all the necessary janitorial supplies are always stocked and readily available for employees and customers. This includes janitorial supplies such as all-purpose cleaners, mops, brooms, paper towels, and garbage bags. If your employees have easy access to these cleaning tools, they’re more likely to clean their areas, clean up spills, and take advantage of these supplies.

6. Hire a Cleaning Service

If your business is too big to keep clean yourself, consider hiring a team of professional cleaners. They can come in on a regular basis or as needed and help maintain a clean and hygienic workplace. This will help keep your employees and customers healthy.

Whether you’re thinking of stocking up on janitorial supplies, enforcing accountability for clean workspaces, or hiring a professional cleaning service, there are many ways you can encourage cleanliness in your business. Implementing these tips will help keep your workplace neat and hygienic. If you need more help keeping your business clean, call us today!