5 Tips to Keep Your Business’ Bathroom Sanitary

June 1, 2023 – If you operate a commercial operation, having at least one or more bathrooms is a must. While sanitation in your entire office is important, you must take extra precautions in the bathroom. From installing an air dryer to using the proper wipes, you can keep your bathroom safe for everyone to use.

1. Keep Soap and Hand Sanitizers Dispensers Filled

While it may seem like common sense to keep hand soaps and sanitizers filled, some commercial bathrooms don’t practice this routine. Maintenance staff should always check the containers to ensure they’re never empty. Whether there’s liquid hand soap or hand sanitizer, patrons should always have something to disinfect their hands with.

2. Pay Attention to Stall Walls

Did you know that, according to Astera Health, germs can spray up to six feet after flushing the toilet? It’s great if everyone puts the lid down the toilet before flushing. However, you can’t guarantee everyone will do that. In the case of urinals, there’s no lid to put down anyway. The best way to counteract such germs is to regularly wipe down stall walls with the property sanitary wipes. That way, if germs are lingering from flushing, regular cleanings can reduce that.

3. Change Trash Bins Several Times a Day

No one wants to walk into the bathroom and smell trash. Some bathroom trash cans may be biohazards since any bodily fluid can be in them. Constantly changing the trash reduces the likelihood of coming in contact with those fluids. Additionally, these trash bins should be frequently rinsed out and wiped down.

4. Use An Air Dryer

After people wash their hands, they need something to dry them on. An air dryer is a sanitary way to keep everyone’s hands clean. It reduces the likelihood of cross-contamination if they don’t have to touch extra surfaces after washing their hands. Keep the air dryer sanitary by regularly cleaning out the vent.

5. Have Hourly Checks

Regularly checking the cleanliness status of the bathroom is the best way to keep it sanitary. Your cleaning crew can have a checklist that includes wiping down stalls, changing trash, washing the floors, and so on. There can be a time for deep cleaning, but hourly checks will quickly keep things tidy.

Keeping your commercial bathroom clean helps keep employees and visitors safe. There are many ways to ensure the sanitization of your bathroom, ranging from clean walls to hand soaps and sanitizers. Contact our local team today if you’re interested in learning how to keep your area clean.